Corporate Litigation

Aeternus has extensive experience in supporting processes in which economic value is the point of discussion. Examples include a difference in opinion with regard to share value among shareholders, or the assessment of damage resulting from the termination of a partnership agreement.

Share valuation

The most frequently addressed issue in this field is determining the value of shares. Aeternus is a specialist and has the largest team of Register Valuators in the Netherlands. As a result, Aeternus is regularly called in to act as an external expert in court cases, a partial or impartial expert, or an advisor with a view to presenting a binding ruling.

Second opinion

In specific situations a second opinion may be necessary by an independent expert with regard to assessing the value of a company or the basic principles in which a valuation is based. The advisors at Aeternus have extensive experience in giving second opinions in a diversity of situations, such as:

  • Differences in opinion with regard to valuation in the sale/acquisition of a company
  • Differences in opinion between shareholders within the context of a buy-out scheme, a dispute settlement and/or a transfer restriction
  • Discussions with the tax authorities about the economic value of a company

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