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The world of international M&A is a familiar playing field for Aeternus. The search for international buyers and sellers requires specific experience and highly specialized skills and expertise.

Experience in international M&A

Aeternus acted as an advisor in dozens of international transactions in the past decade, both for Dutch companies selling their companies to foreign buyers and Dutch companies buying a company abroad.

International networks Mergers & Acquisitions

Aeternus is a member of two networks for its professional advisory services in international transactions: M&A Worldwide and IPG. This enables us to offer buyers and sellers with international ambitions outstanding services. We are particularly experienced with and have an extensive network to facilitate transactions in Germany.





The approximately 250 M&A specialists affiliated with M&A Worldwide, representing more than 40 companies in 38 countries, all work together to ensure a seamless international M&A process. The network only focuses on international M&A.

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The IPG network comprises over 125 members from 44 countries; mainly accountants and lawyers. Aeternus is the only corporate finance firm in the IPG network.

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Relevance of international networks

These networks are relevant for:

  • Searching for foreign buyers and sellers
  • Establishing initial contacts
  • Contact with the appropriate lawyers and tax experts
  • Collecting financial information from buyers and sellers
  • Providing initial information regarding legal and tax-related aspects
  • Awareness of cultural differences and customs
  • Referrals and introductions to financial market parties
  • International attraction of Venture Capital and Private Equity

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