The goal of any merger is to become stronger together. The strongest parts of a merger differ from case to case. Examples include: development costs can be shared, costs may be reduced, or economies of scale are achieved. One of the advantages of a merger compared to an acquisition is that no acquisition financing is required. All funds can be dedicated to execute the strategy.

Aeternus has successfully advised clients during mergers and has developed considerable expertise in this area. We have developed a ‘Merger Roadmap’ that comprises all necessary steps to conclude a successful merger, as well as an overview of ‘post merger’ action items.

In order to merge successfully, market positions and the ambitions of the merged companies have to be clearly defined and strategy and synergies need to be described accordingly. In addition, of course, the business owners need to mutually agree upon the valuation and the shareholders and management structure.

Successful mergers rely for a large part on company cultures and interpersonal relationships. The DNA of the companies has to match and owners and management must share the same values and strategic views. That is why we pay extensive attention to these aspects.

In case of a merger, our efforts are based on benefitting the new company. Therefore, our role in the process is to be the independent project leader. In this role, we will look after an independent valuation, the required contracts, and the new company. We will conduct meetings and ensure a smooth organization of the process. Furthermore, we monitor emotional imbalances and stimulate all parties involved to maximize the benefits of the deal.

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