Recently, Ocuco, a leading Irish software company for optometrists, acquired the Dutch company Eyefactory. Ocuco is an optical software company with a strong international presence and more than 200 employees in countries such as USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Spain and China. Over the past 10 years, Ocuco has acquired 14 companies from different countries with the aim of increasing their global team of experienced optical engineers and employing professionals with expertise and credibility on the domestic market. Aeternus advised Eyefactory (sell side in this international acquisition).

Eyefactory – Eyestore optics Software
EyeFactory offers a comprehensive software package for opticians, as well as the software in stores (EyeStore) and the marketing for outside. EyeStore stands for 25 years of knowledge bundled in the best optic package in Europe.

Ocuco – Optical software company (Ireland)
Ocuco is an Irish owned leading optical software company with more than 200 employees. Their products and services are purchased in more than 77 countries worldwide. Ocuco, founded in 1993 by CEO Leo MacCanna, pioneered in principal with clinical recording systems for Irish independent optometrists which later expanded to include retail and marketing solutions.