April 4-5, 2019 | 30th M&A Worldwide Convention Lisbon

30th M&A Worldwide Convention: April 4-5, 2019, Altis Grand Hotel, Rua Castilho N11, Lisbon – Portugal

After the success of the M&A Worldwide Rainmaker Summit in Miami in November and the M&A Worldwide Rainmaker Summit in Amsterdam, organized by Aeternus and M&A Worldwide, the next convention of our international network M&A Worldwide is in Lisbon. The Rainmaker Lisbon Summit is a networking event concentrating on cross-border M&A opportunities and Alternative Financing Solutions. Over 150 M&A professionals and guests from all over the world will be in attendance.

Does your company have cross-border M&A plans? Want to acquire a cross-border business? Considering selling to an international company? Increase your business opportunities exponentially by participating in this exclusive cross-border M&A conference. You’ll meet qualified, professional investment bankers from 30+ countries who are ready to make your deal happen! Join us and profit!

For more information or to confirm your attendance directly, please go to the website: http://www.rainmakerlisbon-fingeste.com