Value Management

Using our in-house developed model ‘Focus@Value’, Aeternus systematically increases company value for entrepreneurs who:

– want to sell their company
– are facing an important strategic choice
– want to re-develop a dated business model

Preparing for a sell-side transaction 

When you sell your company, it becomes clear what type of company you built and what its value is for a potential buyer. Focus@Value will aim at the key question: how do you increase your company’s value? Various issues are addressed, including: Should you sell off a part of production before selling the whole company? Should you intensify product development towards international markets? How dependent is your business on you, the entrepreneur? And how is intellectual property protected?

Assessing the buyers’ market (‘are my competitors interested in the company, and what other type of buyers can we find in the market?’) and timing (‘when does the success of my new product become visible?’) are important areas we focus on when applying Focus@Value to prepare for a sell-side transaction. Increasing the value of a company takes time. Be sure to start on time.

Value Management
The success of a business is the result of various strategic choices. Are you building a brand as a private label producer? Can you improve your market position by acquiring a competitor? How does collaborating with a producer lead to an improved competitive position? Focus@Value helps you to make the right choices and to enhance the value of your company. The systematic approach of Focus@Value will redevelop your business model. It will generate an in-depth view on value drivers of the company and strategic choices you can make to increase the value of your company.

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