Recently the Norwegian company KIS Partners AS, the leading Nordic company within inspection, maintenance and repair of cranes and lifting equipment, acquired both the Dutch companies Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek BV (Bijlsma) and Primoteq BV (Primoteq) simultaneously. KIS Partners AS was looking for a way to continue their strong growth in the recent years, by extending their business outside Norway. The Netherlands turned out to be very suitable in terms of business culture and legislation.

Aeternus acted as buy-side advisor for KIS Partners, together with our Norwegian colleagues from DHT Corporate Services AS. DHT has been involved with KIS Partners AS for many years.
Through this cross-border deal team, consisting of Torjus Stalleland (DHT), Carlo Caria and Juul Ketelaars (both Aeternus), KIS Partners AS was able to thoroughly investigate the Dutch market and in the end acquire two companies simultaneously. Crucial deal support was carried out by TICFAS (Due Diligence) and CORP Lawyers (Due Diligence and legal advice). ING contributed to this double-transaction by providing a tailor-made financing solution.

Aeternus would like to thank and congratulate all the people involved in both transactions for their efforts and accomplishments.

Bijlsma & Primoteq – leading Dutch companies in the hoisting and lifting industry

Bijlsma is a hoisting and lifting specialist with more than 60 people, focusing on maintenance, repair, inspection, testing and rental of hoisting and lifting equipment.
Furthermore, Bijlsma also builds and assembles different types of cranes, such as large overhead cranes and other lifting systems.

Primoteq is a leading independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul provider for industrial machinery. As an industrial services company, they tend to focus on CNC machining services, laser technology services and hoisting & lifting services. Primoteq employs roughly 100 people.

KIS Partners – Market leader in the Nordics

KIS AS is the leading Nordic company within inspection, maintenance and repair of cranes and lifting equipment. The group has approximately 250 employees and is established with repair shops and offices at 20 different locations in all key commercial clusters in Norway.

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